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Canadian passport offices new policies and guidelines may effect you.

Canadian Passport offices are independent operating agencies governed by the Canadian government and controlled by its Foreign Affairs department.

It has been renamed as Passport Canada recently. The office holds all the rights for issuing, withholding, recovering as well as revoking Canadian passports.  

According to the Canadian Passport new policies, a simplified renewal process for passports and a guarantor policy has been put into effect. According to the new Canadian passport guarantor policy, passport holders living in Canada as well as the U.S would be allowed to be named as guarantors in regards of other passport applications. According to the new Canadian passport guarantor policy, the following requirements are required to be fulfilled for gaining eligibility as a guarantor:

  • You must have Canadian citizenship and your age should be at least 18 years old.

  • You must be a Canadian passport holder of the five-year term or if it is expired, not more than 12 months should have passed since then.

  • Your age should have been at least 16 years old when the application was made for your passport.

  • You should have personally known the passport applicant for two years minimum.

With the help of databases, verification of eligibility of the guarantor is done for increasing efficiency and security of passport process. According to the new renewal process, guarantors and citizenship proofs are no more required for renewal purposes. If you want to apply Canadian passport renewal in India, application form, present passport, photographs and immigration documents are required to be submitted. 

Canadian online passport application can be obtained depending on your age as the application is different for different ages. You are required to download and print the application form, complete it with all the necessary information, attach your photo and get it signed by your guarantor as well as yourself.

This application form can be submitted to various Passport service locations along with documents supporting your information. Else, the form and documents can be mailed. 

After submitting your application, you may be tempted to know that can you check progress of your Canadian passport application. Answer is yes. You can anytime visit Passport Canada’s website, fill in the application details and get your passport status.

If considerable time has lapsed after you made your Canadian passport application, has my passport been processed would be the question on your mind. You can satisfy this query at the same place where you tracked your passport status. Usually, never more than 7 weeks are required for normal processing. 

According to the Canadian Passport control land travel, you do not require passport for traveling between Canada and the US as of now but after June, 2009, it will be necessary to have a passport. Currently, only a proof of identification and citizenship is required to be given.

Canadian passport requirements via US to Trinidad currently requires you to show up identification and citizenship proofs as well as proof of passport application which was not required sometime back.

A passport is compulsorily required for Canadians to enter Trinidad.


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