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How to avoid U.S. passport application delays.

Your passport, an official Government document, is one of the most important documents and serves as an identity proof outside your country. When applying for a passport, you need to adhere to the terms and conditions, and procedures specified in the U.S.

Passport Application and Renewal Guide. The document clearly outlines various requirements for applying for a passport, the procedures involved, fees to be paid, eligibility standards, things you must do if your passport is stolen or lost, updating your name change, how to fill an application form, what are the terms and conditions for renewing a passport, and procedure for urgent applications.

For a hassle free passport application process, it is important to stick to certain doís and doníts when applying for a US passport application.


Print information on the passport application:

Printing will not only save your time, but also minimizes the errors that arise due to cursive handwriting interpretation of individuals.

Verify that passport application is duly signed:

You canít expect the Accepting Agent to do this for you. In case you are planning to submit several applications of friends and family along with yours, assign one person to verify that all the fields are properly filled and that the application is signed properly.

In addition, you will also have to carry your identity proof or state ID for verification. For an ID less than three to five years old, you may have to enclose a notarized statement to explain why. In addition, you are required to furnish three additional documents to confirm your US citizenship.

Documents such as school or college records, a copy of a school or W-2 forms may be provided as supporting documents.

Make sure if the Accepting Agent has done his part of the job

You may therefore check if the Accepting Agent has filled important details such as Facility Identification Number, Acceptance Agent; Facility Name & Location, and other vital details that are required to be filled by the Accepting agent.

All of us make mistakes and additional verification from your side may save you from the trouble of running around to get your passport in time.


Donít overlook the passport picture requirements

Your passport application can be rejected if the photographs are not in accordance with the required specifications. If you are wearing anything to cover your head for religious reasons, you will have to provide a notarized statement from your Faith to support it. However, if you are compelled to wear an eye patch or sunshades for medical reasons, you will be required to provide a notarized statement duly signed by your doctor.

You may provide an additional set of photographs just in case the one is not acceptable to the issuing authorities. Avoid using anything glossy on the face when taking your pictures, as it may affect the quality of the picture.

Donít provide hospital birth certificates

Cute birth certificates issued by hospitals will not be entertained and you need to submit a certified birth certificate issued by the city, county or state.

By adhering to the doís and doníts mentioned above, you can avoid considerable delays with your U.S. passport application.


U.S. passport renewal.