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U.S. Passport renewal procedures.

It’s not difficult to obtain a United States passport from the United States Department of State. However, you need to know the right procedures and legal requirements regarding passport applications and renewal.

With security standards increasing by the day, travel is not as easy as before. If you are a U.S. citizen who has traveled abroad, you must have a valid American passport to return back to your homeland.

Failing to know the rules may result in delay in getting your passport. Your passport comes with an expiration date before which you must renew your passport. Passport renewal procedure is fairly simple and you can renew your passport by personally through the U.S. Department of State Passport Services or you can seek professional assistance from passport and visa services.

Through the U.S. Department of State Passport Services

When applying for a passport renewal, you can apply through mail provided that your existing passport is not damaged and you have received it anytime in the past fifteen years.

It is also important that you were at least sixteen years old when the passport was issued to you and that you still have the same name that is printed on the passport. In case of name change, it is important to provide necessary certified legal documents (adoption decree, marriage certificate, divorce decree, or court order) to support the change of name.

For applying via mail, fill up the Application For Passport By Mail form DS-82 and make sure that it is properly signed and bears the correct date of application.

You will be required to attach two identical latest passport photographs and your latest passport to the renewal application. You will also be required to send $67 fee along with it.

If your U.S. passport is damaged or altered, you will have to personally visit the Department and apply for passport renewal. These days, majority of the passport agencies choose to accept applications only on the basis of prior appointment.

In case you require your renewed passport urgently for a sudden business trip abroad, you may opt for expedited service. Apart from the regular application fees, Expedited Service will cost you additional $60 per application along with overnight delivery costs. In case you are planning to mail the application, make sure that you mark the envelope as “Expedited”. Expedited service can help you get your renewed passport in two weeks.

Through a passport and visa service

Although the Department of State may claim to expedite passports in just two weeks time, there’s no guarantee that you will receive the passport in the same time frame as promised.

The smallest errors and the ever-increasing number of passport applications can considerably delay the whole renewal process.

In case you are planning to travel immediately, you cant afford to wait that long. You may choose a reputed passport and visa service in your area to get your travel documents urgently.

Most travelers prefer to renew their passports through passport services to save time. In addition, going through the entire ordeal of passport renewal on your own can be quite stressful. Passport services help travel agents and individuals to get their travel documents in time and enjoy a hassle free trip abroad.



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