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Realtors Of N.C. Have Kure Beach Vacation Rentals For You.

Are you looking to explore some extremely dazzling beaches in North Carolina? The Southern Coast of North Carolina boasts some really good beaches. Carolina beach and Kure beach are the most famous beaches of North Carolina. 

Before discussing Vacation Rentals Kure Beach N.C. Realetors, it is worthwhile to mention some background information. Kure Beach is a relatively young beach by historical standards.

It was only after the 1870’s that its development began when Hans Kure came to Carolina from Denmark. He bought large portions of land in the island which led to the emergence of the town of Kure Beach which merges with Carolina beach to its north. Kure Beach was incorporated in 1947. 

A large number of high class residences prevail in and around Kure Beach. Vacation Rentals have gained popularity in the last couple of years. The area can be identified with a number of cottages, beach motels and upscale houses.

The beach will probably continue to exist at its present size only as it is surrounded by military, state and government facilities on all sides. The town’s center has a famous fishing pier extending well over the beach’s waters. 

The North Carolina state governed Fort Fisher is a historical place owing to its significance in the Civil War. Wilmington, which is just a striking distance from Kure Beach, boasts of a historic downtown, fabulous gardens and the battleship of USS North Carolina.

Several restaurants, an arcade, a boardwalk charmed by benches and a number of condominium buildings can be found around the beach’s area. Due to the miniscule population of just 1,500 residents, the shopping possibilities on this beach are very few.

Carolina Realtors offer vacation rentals, lodging deals such as vacation homes, resorts, condos, beach cottages and hotels in and around the town of Kure Beach. In early days, real estate was quite inexpensive in and around Kure Beach but today, due to the growing popularity of the beach; real estate prices are witnessing an upward trend.

Beach walk and a beach village are the latest developments to have come up in the last few years. These places have town homes and homes with pools, tennis courts and clubhouses. North Carolina has great opportunities for satisfying your. Realtors are ready to offer competitive vacation rental home prices.  

Topsail Island, which is just half an hour away from Wilmington is graced by Intracoastal Waterways on its one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other side. It boasts of a rich maritime history and friendly beaches to its name.

Shelling, wave gazing and bird watching are some common pastimes undertaken by tourists on this island. These things make it a highly favored dwelling place amongst tourists, also due to its reasonable vacation rentals. Kure Beach, N.C. realtors are often flooded with requests from the tourists and inhabitants for a house in Topsail Island.

Swimming, sunbathing, surfing, dolphin watching, golf, kite flying, kayaking, biking, boating and angling are amongst the few activities that you can enjoy while being on these islands. Kure Beach area can claim to be amongst the best holidaying options in N.C. 


If northern vacationing is your thing, getaway to Lake Hubbard Michigan.