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Vacation Home Rentals in San Miguiel De Allende

Are you tired of your grueling work schedules? Looking for a place where you can chill out and relax. San Miguiel De Allende and Vacation Home Rentals would be an ideal choice for you.

Well, if you are looking for some useful information about San Miguiel De Allende and Vacation Home Rentals, please keep reading.

San Miguel De Allende is located in Central Mexico’s Bajio Mountains. It is 170 miles far from Mexico City in the northwest direction. It is home to about 80,000 people with most of them being of Canadian, European and American descent.

Due to its Mexican charm of the old times, party atmosphere and American hospitality, this place has become extremely popular amongst adventurous travelers.

Most of the people who turn their heads to San Miguiel De Allende and Vacation Home Rentals either belong to the art community or are retired people.

All the buildings that are constructed here must be in conformation with the colonial style architecture that this town possesses.

This is done to protect the town’s historic flavor and that’s why it has been declared a heritage site by the Government of Mexico.

The town boasts of a thriving entertainment and cultural scene. The music festival San Miguel which occurs in December each year is one of the most happening events of the town although the biggest celebration is San Miguel Arcángel in which the patron saint in chief of the town is honored.

The downtown area has the maximum sightseeing highlights such as the plaza of El Jardin, the gothic church of La Parroquia, Mirador – a place on the hill top and Parque Juárez, a place full of ponds, benches and fountains.

Some of the best boutiques, art shops and Mexican cuisine can be found in San Miguiel De Allende and vacation home rentals are also fairly reasonable.

Colonial architecture and picturesque streets of cobblestone are the biggest selling points of San Miguiel De Allende and vacation home rentals suiting everyone’s pockets can be found which makes this town a year round preferred holiday destination for tourists from all over the world.

Most of these visitors come to this place to learn Spanish, Mexican cooking and study art and music.

Some good places to stay in San Miguiel De Allende and vacation home rentals prevailing at those places are listed below:

  • Vila Mirasol: - It is a converted colonial house but the old simplicity has been kept intact. It has 12 rooms as well as suites. The rental per night is around $150 which includes breakfast and taxes.

  • Real De Minas: - This building having colonial architecture is located downtown. The rental per night is $100.

  • Meson San Antonio: - In addition to a very kind staff to look after you, it has quiet and spacious rooms. The rental per night is around $70.

These are just few of the numerous high quality living options available in San Miguel De Allende. Some others like Portal 8, Magdalena, Casa Schuck, etc. are also extremely favorable amongst tourists.

Hence, if you are in search of a quiet retreat for some days, San Miguel De Allende with its calmness and relaxing feel would just be the perfect choice for you.

So come and enjoy San Miguiel De Allende and vacation home rentals by leaving all your worries behind.

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