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Vacation to San Juan and get a dose of culture.

Puerto Rico_San Juan_Castillo San Felipe del Morro flagsIf you want to go on a holiday to San Juan, you are in for the experience of your life. San Juan is a place that is an eclectic mix of history, culture, beaches and friendly people. Old San Juan was a walled city, which is a retrospect to the ancient Spanish colonies.

It is now a square mile of restored architecture, plazas, forts and a spectacular sea facing esplanade. The beaches and resorts are plentiful in the Isla Verde area and the Urban Condado region.

Santurce quarter is popular for its performing arts, theatres, and a burgeoning marketplace. For the more urbane people, casinos, restaurants and clubs are in plenty.

Cultural mix

San_Juan_&_Gri_Gri_Lagune_Dominicaanse_Republiek043San Juan is a place, which is filled with cultural diversity. Being a part of the ancient Spanish colony, it absorbed Spanish and Caribbean culture and now that it is a part of the United States, American culture was added to the mix.

The people of San Juan or the San Juaneros call their culture a blend of tradition, values and American modernism. You can find people talking on their swanky little cell phones in the middle of 16th century forts and 30 storey skyscrapers.

Family spot

San Juan is well known as a traditional and family oriented place, where families going on holidays feel right at home. Everyone including hotels, car rental companies and even the priciest restaurants are more than willing to accommodate families, catering to requirements for car seats, high chairs or even bibs.

Entertainment and activities are available for the whole family. The children can enjoy a visit to the Museo del Nino, which is the Children’s museum. It is fun, creative and interactive for kids.

The park Luis Munoz Marin Park is great to take children to spend all their pent up energy. The whole family can visit the historic fortresses and underground hidden passages or guided tours.

You can end the day and your sigh seeing venture by a visit to the Plaza de Hostos where you can cool off with frozen treats.

Activity filled days

San Juan, which is in Puerto Rico, always has the most beautiful summer weather, with warm nights and cool summer breeze. Filling your days with outdoor activities while in San Juan is not at all difficult.

The view from El Morro (other fort in old San Juan)Isla Verde, which is actually a big stretch of connected beaches, is the hub of water sports and other beach activities. One can indulge in games of volleyball, handball or Frisbee on its cool white sands or just lie under the shade of a leafy palm tree enjoying the cool breeze and catching up on a bestseller. Sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, snorkeling and scuba diving are very popular water sports here.

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If you love playing tennis and want to continue enjoying it whilst on your holiday, then the tennis courts at central park are available from dawn to dusk, at a nominal fee.

Horseracing is another popular sport in San Juan; you can watch this interesting sport from the clubhouse or the bleachers. If you like fishing, then the San Juan harbor is your paradise. The waters are filled with schools of Mahi Mahi, marlin, yellow fin and Wahoo.

The hotels in San Juan are nothing short of luxurious with staff that will go to every length to ensure your stay is pleasurable. Plan your next vacation to San Juan.


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